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Meet Stephanie Turner, Director and Chartered Accountant

Stephanie TurnerYou’re not an average business – so why would you want an average accountant? Just like your own business journey likely has, Stephanie’s has taken some interesting twists before she started her Chartered Accountancy practice in Takapuna in 2010.

Her career began as a Laboratory Technologist, specialising in Haematology and Microbiology, working at National Women’s Hospital as well as the Animal Health Laboratory at MAF. While a fascinating field of work, blood counts soon made way for coin counts, as a shift from science to accounting was made.

Stephanie completed a Bachelor of Business Studies through Massey University, all while managing the books of her husband’s small business, working in the accounting industry, and raising three children.

After gaining her Chartered Accountant status, she was contracting to accounting firms when, in 2007, another bold change was made. While some may call it a midlife crisis, others will see it as midlife clarity – Stephanie and her husband pulled the kids out of school, packed up and sold the house, and set off to travel the world for a year, visiting around 32 countries and collecting countless memories along the way.

The homeland called, as did a return to accountancy. Stephanie started North Harbour Accounting so that she could help more small business owners better manage their business while improving profitability.

All this experience means she has the right blend of business insight, practical experience and varied perspective to add real value to her clients’ businesses. Over the years she has worked with a wide range of business owners, property owners and investors, to help them create a financial future that allows them to live a life they love and to feel confident that they can take care of the things that matter most to them.

Why not get in touch with Stephanie and share your story – where you’ve been, and where you’re headed – and see if Stephanie is the right fit to help you get there!

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