Weekly Digest – 25 May 2022

NZ Weekly Digest – 25 May 2022

Welcome back to our Weekly Digest. Read on for the latest updates and some ideas to help us all move forward.

Work from home option a valuable benefit, say employees

Hybrid working may be here to stay as many employers tout work from home options. Both existing employees and those job-hunting say work/life balance is key.

Subdued government budget as expenses outpace growth

The government has taken a cautious approach to new spending as it negotiates high inflation, global disruptions, and geopolitical uncertainties. The Budget shows deficits for the next two years.

NZ makes great infant formula, but it likely won’t go to the US

It’s unlikely that New Zealand will capitalise on the shortage of infant formula in the US, as FDA importing regulations make it extremely difficult for other countries to crack US markets.

Free EV charging coming as JOLT enters New Zealand

EV charging firm JOLT is bringing fast chargers to New Zealand in July, with 500 expected to be in place in the next 4 years. The Australian company is looking to disrupt ChargeNet’s current monopoly on the market.

Taranaki maintains relatively affordable prices to big city centres, but locals feeling the pinch

A report by Venture Taranaki shows the province continues to enjoy low unemployment rates, but cost of living is an issue.

New initiatives included in new Budget

Budget 2022 was announced last week. Get a summary of key initiatives here.

NZ supermarket monopoly drives up prices

New Zealand produces enough food to feed a country 8 times its size, but the supermarket monopoly means some families still go without.

Elaborate bond scam in Australia

A teacher in Australia lost over A$500,000 in a scam that was months in the making, to a website offering bonds affiliated with ANZ.

Payroll Giving program donations declining

Contributions to the Payroll Giving program have petered out in the last two years, with critics citing lack of awareness of the program and increasing cost of living as reasons for decline.

Housing market is down, but probably not as much as feared

Experts say the state of the market is not as dire as it sounds.

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